Capstone Conclusion

Capstone Conclusion

After what feels like a long journey that has equally flown by, I am nearing the end of my undergraduate studies at Plymouth State University with just one semester left this coming fall. The journey has greatly challenged my growth and ability to persevere, changing the way I learn and reflect upon experiences in life. Using the skills I have obtained, I have grown greatly since transferring to Plymouth State from community college the spring of 2019. Three years later and against all odds, I have not only survived the studies but have thrived through any adversity I encountered.

The experience was not always easy, and most of the time it challenged me more than I would have imagined due to working multiple jobs, commuting, being an entrepreneur, and staying too active in various community organizations. Despite it all, I made it possible. I progressed as a student and interdisciplinarian to learn how to balance my schedules, classes, and time. As I progressed, I improved in my classes to eventually get dean’s List and most recently a couple semesters of President’s List. I successfully learned how to learn. I will use this experience and skillset in all aspects of life including as an entrepreneur and onto graduate programs.

I have also been able to successfully blend the elements of my major, Sustainable and Diversified Entrepreneurship, together to have a symbiotic relationship. It is hard for me to not view any aspect of my life with a sustainable entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary scope, let alone business. My major has given me the ability to think hyper-locally, critically design focused, and environmentally centered, in tasks that I never thought would apply.

In reflection, my Capstone Project is a perfect example of my life experience and my major of study working alongside each other. Local With Joe morphed into a new entrepreneurial pursuit where I have used and will continue to use my innovation and design experience to promote my passion of the local area. Both my photography work and social media training allowed me to get a head start on the brand creation and gave me a basis to learn website building more easily. Sustainability served as the backbone of the project and is the reason promoting local is so important to me. As I continue to work on and build upon Local With Joe, I hope it becomes my driving force in keeping me connected to my landscape while promoting my art forms.

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