Local With Joe Capstone Project

Local With Joe Capstone Project

My capstone project, Local With Joe started off in a very different form than what it has transitioned into. The project was originally going to take place as a photo forward book highlighting the best flavors, forage, food, and drink of the area that I have discovered through my life work as an entrepreneur and time spend travelling. I made a pivot and decided to put together the building blocks for a new personal brand that includes this work, but also the bigger picture of my passions.  The switch has given me the ability to work towards growing my brand in the many different facets I am passionate about, instead of just hyper focusing on food, drink, and place in our area. I also feel that by creating and working on this website, I am better preparing to create books in the future as I am putting in much needed work on the subjects I would be incorporating. I am also making sure I am not going to overload the topic matter of a book, where I might decide I need a few issues to cover different topics. This pivot has given me a much clearer focus overall. As I reflect upon what my project has morphed into, I realize it has gone from a book to a full-fledged entrepreneurial pursuit. I am excited to see how I can utilize Local With Joe in the future to better the communities around me.

Local With Joe’s mission is to foster connection by promoting a sense of place and all that is local. There is more to being a local than meets the eye. Follow along as we discover what it means to be a local. The Almanac is home to my reviews and reflections, as well as bodies of work that are actively inspiring me.

A Sense of Place showcases writings, reviews, and photography of my journeys locally and abroad. The project will hopefully inspire connection to your local surroundings.

Wigata N’dakinna: Tasty New England, will illustrate the captivating flavor and sights of home. I will be attempting to answer this: what distinctive flavors make up our local culture? It will show that we have much more culture and diversity to represent in the northern parts of New England than we realize. It will also pay respects to the Abenaki people who have called this region home long before anyone else did.

Salt of the Earth is my portrait photo series highlighting locals who have impacted my life and the communities around us. They represent character, grit, hard work, and what it means to be a local.

Selah, will be the home of art and reflections, often in the form of poetry, representing mindfulness. Selah is a Hebrew word that means to pause. It calls us to take the time to reflect upon what we just learned, saw, or heard. I hope you will pause and reflect with these works.

Check out the Viewfinder to see my photography and art that isn’t featured in other bodies of work. Buy Local will be your opportunity to support my art as well as other local items in various forms. You can learn more about me, my passions, and my studies on the Backstory or Portfolio pages.

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